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Hi all,

Since signing up to this forum I've been really interested in understanding how to create an xml theme for my samsung i600. I've looked at the guides provided on this very forum, which have been of amazing help.

I have now created my first theme, which I am pleased with myself. Of course I will carry on creating more, and hopefully get better the more I do.

I would be very grateful for any feedback that anyone has.

I have enclosed a screenshot of my theme and the cab file, if anyone would like it.

Thanks for everyones help,posts, etc. on the forum in getting me to understand how to create themes.


Heres the CAB file if anyone would like it. USA_Flag.CAB



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Sexy and patriotic - I like it. Great job. :D

Thanks for providing it for download! I've never tried doing layered background pictures like that yet. It looks great.

I am learning how to play with some of the XML code though; I changed your code just a little: all unselected text to blue, all text bold, and changed the Message plugin to include one with Voice Counts.

Thanks again, Mutant - well done!


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That looks like Lucy Pinder?

She should be flying the Union Flag not the stars and stripes :D

Can you please submit this for the download section.

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