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HTC Touch Dual Notification Volume

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Hello All, I hope you can help.

I've been using my new Orange Touch Dual for about a week now and am very happy with the device in the main but have a few issues primarily with the devices volume. The notification and ring volumes, despite being set as loud as possible are very, very quiet. Even out of my pocket, on a table a few feet away and any background noise drowns out any notification alerts.

I have hacked the registry at "HkeyCurrentUser / Control Panel / Sound Catagories / Ring" and increased the ring volume from 5 to 7 (out of curiosity, does anyone know what the max value for this string is?) and this seems to help a little but it is still very quiet and resets to 5 every now and again. I have also found the strings for notification volumes such as new email and text alerts but couldn't find a string to increase volume. I have tried to add an initVOL string and put a volume level in but I will admit I really don't have a clue if this will do anything and am afraid to tinker too much in case I brick the thing. Playing an mp3 over the speaker gives a perfectly adequate volume, this only seems to apply to notifications (and yes the volume silder is up full for both phone and system :-).

I've done some searching on the net but can't come up with anything other than the aforementioned registry hack. If anyone could give me some tips or advice on how to improve things it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Al

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I've noticed the My Orange Dual's volume is quite quiet too.

Copilot is hard to hear in the car unless the Radio is pretty much off, and alarms, reminders, and ring tones are quite hard to hear if it's in my pocket, even with the volume up to max. Strange thing is, as you say, playing music seems to be at an ok level.

It looks like the speaker is on the rear of the handset, but not sure if that's causing an issue. I'd be interested in knowing the answer to this one.

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