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HTC Shift -> using 2 Data Lines simultaneously

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Hi Folks,

maybe one of you can help me:

As I don't have HSDPA coverage I wondered if it is possible to use two Data Connections simultaneously.

I used this on my old Laptop (UTMS-USB Modem and UMTS-Mobile via BT) and it worked fine.

The problem with the Shift is, that it uses some kind of shared connection device via WM/SnapVue.

Here is what I did so far:

Tried to install my USB-UMTS Modem: no sucess (not even passed the Installation Routine).

Connected my UMTS-Mobile via BT: succes. The problem here is that it is not possible to use BOTH lines at one time. So it's the internal OR the external Modem only :D

Is it possible to generate some kind of "Network-Bridge" (I hope you guys know what I mean) to link those two connections?

Thanks for helping me out!

Cheers, Hyrex

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