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Black Dragon Pirates

Motorola Q8

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Hey guys,

I know I might be a newbee here, but I've been using SmartPhones for 4 years now. The 1st SmartPhone I had was the SAP1 Tanager. Call me (very) old fashioned, but I found that phone to be very usefull to me. Just really slow. I lost it last January though. Anyway, I recently got my sights set on the Samsung i600, coz of the WiFi-ready feature which I thought was very usefull to my work. But I found the price to be somewhat steep for me. So I settled for the Moto Q8 (Q-GSM). I have no regrets in getting it coz of it's very sleek exterior and the coolness level was just off the charts. hehe. Anyway, I just wanna know if anyone has mastered this phone? Any tips and tricks you'd like to share so I can get the most out of this neat SmartPhone?




Black Dragon Pirates

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