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Isotope 244

Machines at War v1.2 Released

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The update includes:

  • Added 3 NEW advanced ground units! Badger, Ram, and Viper.
  • Aircraft now use direct flight pathing and more realistic flight patterns.
  • The AI was extensively updated in group management, building, and uses new attack strategies.
  • AI is harder on Robotic and easier on Newbie and Easy settings.
  • Added new shortcut keys to select all Offensive, Ground, or Air units.
  • Fixed units not pathing when there were high populations on slow machines.
  • Many building and unit stats were changed to balance the game.
  • Added a section to the help file about user mods, and the tech tree image can now be customized.
  • Fixed controls on Windows Mobile devices with slide out keyboards.

Only a few of the 47 changes are listed above, for the complete list please see the bottom of the help file included with the game.

If you new are to Machines at War it is a strategy game where you command a huge army of forces across the battlefield. You are challenged to construct an epic war machine and use it to become a dominating world power. The game is easier to learn than a normal real time strategy game since many management tasks have been eliminated, you can concentrate more on building your force and defending and attacking. So if you are new to this type of game or haven't played one in a while download the free demo and try it out.

Free Demos

Windows Mobile - CAB

Windows XP & Vista

Mac OS X

Buy Now and download instantly for ONLY $19.95


Windows Mobile Games - Total Annihilation

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