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Problem with O2 settings

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Hi guys

I'm a long time forum viewer, don't normally need to post as they're loads of info but this has got me stumped.

I've recently started using an O2 sim. I can connect to the Internet and use MSN on the phone with no issues. However, no matter what I try and cannot send/receive MMS.

I've tried deleting all the network settings and running the 02UK.CAB and also the manual settings listed on other posts. I even spoke with O2 yesterday who emailed me the settings and still no joy.

I phoned them again today and they now tell me that the phone is not capable of receiving MMS!!

The phone has the latest Orange ROM. Could this be what's causing me the issue?

Thanks in advance

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Problem solved.

Put the O2 ROM on and all services now working.

Guess there's something in the Orange ROM that prevents it working properly.

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