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Orange to boost speed of mobile broadband network

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Orange will significantly increase the speed of its mobile broadband network and boost its nationwide coverage, as part of a raft of planned changes outlined by its new CEO.

Orange CEO Tom Alexander said the company will launch a 14.4Mbps mobile network next year, and roll out 450 new 2G basestations as well as further developing its 3G network.

It will also combine its mobile and fixed-line broadband arms to develop products, such as laptops, that will be able to access both.

Alexander said the changes, which will create 500 new jobs in customer service and retail, would see the company maintain its position as a global leader in the telecoms sector.

"Orange is an iconic brand, a great business, and we're going to build on that success to become the best-loved telecommunications company in Britain," he said. "To reach that goal, we need to give our customers consistent quality - quality of network, products, service and experience. Delivering that quality will see the number of customers who join, stay and spend with us grow."

"These changes are designed to stop duplication within our organisation, and to ensure we are agile, and able to deliver and react quickly to customers' needs," he said. "And they'll also make staff more accountable while generating greater financial and operational efficiencies."

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Speedy that...nice :D


Yup, means you can rack up huge bills at least four times faster than you could previously. Anyone done a calculation of how long a sustained transfer would use up the maximum 'unlimited' allowance they provide to regular customers?

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