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mobile newbie ?... designing smartphone project for VC++

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I'm about as frustrated as I can be. Hopefully somebody here can help me. First off, I'm a very experienced C++ developer, but I know next to nothing about VB, I've very rarely used Visual Studio in the past, and I've never used it to create mobile apps.

I'm having all sorts of trouble getting started building mobile apps. I can see that when you create a VB app, which is what I seem to be finding the tutorials on, you get the nify toolbox and design screen, etc. When I create a VC++ smartphone app, however, I don't get any of that.

My problem is thus: I need to use C++ files for functions that have to be in the smartphone app. I need to have a little UI there as well, but I an't even find where to design! I don't even know if I can use C++ classes/files in VB, or if I should use the VC++ smartphone project or the VB smartphone project for this or what!

I've searched and searched for too long about this and come up with NO answers. I might just be searching for the wrong things. If I am, my apologies. If anybody could help me, you would be my hero FOREVER.

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I've not used C++ myself, but with VB.net an C# you get the nice GUI UI designer, I don't think this applies to C++?


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