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LED's Not Blinking

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I'm new to i780 and found that the LED is not blinking like most of the phone I owned before, is that normal? If it is normal, how do I know if my phone is ON or OFF without pressing the power button?



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The LED is only meant to blink under certain conditions. It does not blink constantly like some phones do to show signal reception.

It is meant to blink to alert you. It blinks if you have unread sms/e-mails, when Wi-Fi/BT is on and when you have missed calls. There is a problem in most of the ROM versions where the LED will stop blinking when the phone goes to sleep and does not blink again on resume, making this feature quite pointless.

Samsung are aware of it and have told various people a fix is on the way. The newest ROM version is DXHE1 but I don't know of anyone with that version so not sure if this has been fixed yet!

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Thank goodness, I hate pointless 'service' LEDs!


And here is the LED solution. Works a charm on my i780.

http://www.ppcsg.com/index.php?showtopic=100305 . Currently the latest version is in post 33 not front page, but you need to read the first page as you can customise the colours.

I have a blue led flashing for sms. It flashes faster than new email which is a green led, so I can distinguish with the colour and speed.

The settings I used.

In the i780 sounds and notifications, I unchecked the flash led for new sms, but ticked new email for 60 mins (any more and the battery might suffer). Activate program and voila.

I also have found that to stop the led flashing it is wise to check the sms or email pressing the left softkey notification when it appears which cancels out the flashing.

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