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Can websites access my phone number?

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I would like to know if websites can access to my phone number (and other private information) while visiting them with my smartphone (T-Mobile Dash).

Today, I visited the following link:


and by mistake I press the "Go" bottom. After a couple of minutes, I receive a text message from thumbplay.com. My concern is how thumbplay.com was able to get my phone number (when I visited the previous link, the webpage showed me that I was using a Dash smartphone from T-Mobile). I did not typed my phone number!

How is this possible? How can avoid it?



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Interesting. It could be that you have signed up with them in the past and you've forgotten all about it. The website might have saved a cookie with your details including the mobile number.

That's my only thoughs.

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My thought may have been that you might have put your mobile number into a different website. Most browsers now have the option to remember the data for the same field. Perhaps it autofilled it.

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