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PPC like Smartphone in marking messages read

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I've just switched to a PPC from a Smartphone and I'm noticing one thing I'd really like the PPC to behave more like the Smartphone, I was hoping someone may be able to help.

I have tried to search the forums for an answer, but couldn't find anything....

On the SP: you get a message, you press soft key, the message appears, is automatically marked read, you read it. You press the red hang up button and you're back on the home screen. Two key presses to read the message, mark it as read and be back on the homescreen.

The PPC seems somewhat more involved. You get a bubble notification...so if you don't want to read it its one press just to dismiss that. But say you do but you don't wnat to reply, you have to do Menu > Save As Read (four key presses, and this doesn't work when the message is too long for the bubble because you then have to load it up first).

Does anyone know any tweaks to make this a bit more streamlined?

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Er, yeah, I see what you mean.

There are a bunch of ways in which Standard (SP) is better than Pro (PPC), but neither is perfect

I don't know of a way to improve it either.

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On my Touch Dual, i've turned off the 'message preview' and opted for just the notification. I also don't tend to bother pressing on "notification" to read the message, instead just press on the speech bubble icon on the homescreen under the clock to take me straight into my messages. Doesn't take to long to be honest. Although I could do it a lot quicker with the OS and keypad on me E650.

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