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Help with XDA Mini S internet, MMS, programs....

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Hello all.

Firstly, thanks for your help over the past few days in helping me find out what to expect from my XDA Mini S. Have been lurking and browsing topics to try and give myself a head start!

Anyway, it arrived and it's fab but I'm having some issues.

It's an o2 XDA Mini S unlcoked with a Vodafone contract SIM. I selected basic install.

1. MMS and internet won't work. I put in all the settings as detailed in other topics here, but I can't send or receive MMS. They appear in the inbox but won't download. I managed to get the internet to work briefly last night, but now it's gone again. All the correct Vodafone GPRS settings and my wireless settings are there, it just won't connect.

2. I have installed Mobile Device Centre to put some programs on the PDA, but they won't install. Some say they are not correct file types, others say another type of file is needed in order to run it (which it actually gives me a link for but as I can't get on the net I can't get it!)

Thanks in anticipation of help. I'm getting really annoyed now as I love my new toy but I can't play with it properly!

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