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Help me with my XML plz! (Screen shots & XML included)

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Hi T1tan, I've done the xml file for you, a bit of a rush as am painting the house before it rains. You can change the colours if you wish. I hope it's something like that which you are looking for. Best Regards..looby :D



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ah hey looby, thanks a lot for the work you did for me lol. I'm flattered haha. :D but the SMS EMAIL and Vmail plugin are all the same :( I 3 different plugins for SMS Gmail and Vmail so if they get selected they take you straight to SMS Gmail or Vmail :o but thanks for the attempt man. If you lived near me I would help you paint!

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That's the way it works in WM 6.0 which ever way you do it. You can have the individual notifications on the homescreen but the selection will take you to messaging in general. I agree it would be nice to have an individual selection :D

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i need a lil help too, didnt want to start a new thread.

im trying to mod the HTC homescreen to have the recent app list instead of the appointments. i dont know much about editing the xml files, but this is what i have tryed, along with a few similar

<?xml version="1.0"?>


	<author>HTC Corp.</author>




	<default target-width="240" target-height="320" font-face="Segoe Condensed" font-size="19" font-

weight="bold" padding-left="5" padding-right="5" bgcolor="transparent" fgcolor="COLOR_HOMETEXT" padding-top="3" b

-border-color="COLOR_HOMERULE" b-border-width="1">

		<format state="selected" fgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT"/>


	<background bgimage="\windows\htcbg_grey_P.png" bgimage-rotated="\windows\htcbg_grey_L.png" 

valign="bottom" bgcolor="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" />


		<color name="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" value="#000000"/>

		<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT" value="#DEDEDE"/>

		<color name="COLOR_HOMERULE" value="#000000"/>

		<color name="COLOR_HOMETEXT" value="#AAAAAA"/>

		<color name="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHTTEXT" value="#000000"/>


  <plugin clsid="{837FC251-FE69-43ad-84E0-EBCEDEBA0884}" name="iconbar" height="27">

	<iconbar fgcolor="COLOR_TRAYTEXT"/>

	<background gradient="title" bgcolor="COLOR_TRAYGRADLEFT" b-border-color="COLOR_WINDOWFRAME" />


  <plugin clsid="{B0C8AC4B-CDDC-4010-AAEB-076A2A6EB171}" name="HTCHome" height="100"/>

  <plugin clsid="{C406A24E-ED1C-4a5f-A690-95C9683F2C95}" name="HtCHomeNotification" height="32"/>

	"plugin clsid="{6D4E0B9A-A675-4B40-94E9-9ED95F99CA56}" name="HSType2-1" height="49">"


			<format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/>


		<label h="22">



		<label h="22" y="23">

			<text><time/> <location/></text>




i had put the one line i edited in quotes here, i had took a stab. the original clsid name was calender, and the line i replaced it with was from samsungs simple home. this bit i edited was just the clsid and name i changed in the htc.home.xml. it wont even show up as a home screen.

any help would be great

Edited by Smokey J Bluntz

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