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T-Mobile Charges

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I've just read this: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/30/o2..._ofcom_ignored/

.. and it made me look at T-Mobile's website for call charges.

It states that 0800/0500 calls are from FREE to 10p per minutes ... yet they do not say if they are used within your call allowance. Also how do you know which ones are FREE, and which are charged? The company I work for has a conference call service where there is a 0800 number. Obviously Im happy to call it on my personal phone if it's free, but not at 10p a minute.

Also it states that the 08xx numbers which are non-geographic are not within the bundles (The Register). So I've looked on the T-Mobile site to see how much they charge for each number, and you have to call 150. So I've emailed them for a full breakdown of costs.

Additionally, despite calling and being told I was getting the bundled allocation upped to £200 from £180, this hasnt happed .... so a bit miffed about that so far!

Lastly, does anyone know how to get voicemail included within your minutes with T-Mobile? Charging for this as a seperate service just seems ludicrous. In fact my g/f is so annoyed by them not including it, that she will be leaving T-Mobile at the end of her contract. Seems petty charging for voicemail!

I guess this post ended up as more of a rant, than a question ... but hey-ho!

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