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Porting Emulators from Gizmondo to Windows Mobile?

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Hi there,

would it be hatd to port emulators from Gizmondo to Windows Mobile?

Some Windows Mobile Emulators work on Gizmondo without problems and basically without porting (some fine tuning is needed), so i was wondering if it would work the other way around as well?

For example none of the existing NeoGeo Pocket Emulators really works, but the one for Gizmondo works quite well, so maybe its possible to make it wokring on Windows Mobile devices easy?

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its a windows mobile device, for example the lynx emu is even working on most ppc's, i also got the old version of psx4all starting, but it loads no games. the picodrive version is ready to compile for windowsce if somebody knows how to adjust this:

Gizmondo has a weird resolution of 321*240 (this is the frame buffer format, visible resolution is standard 320*240), and my code is heavily hardcoded to that (I did the drawing parts in ARM asm). So if you even get it to run, It'll either crash or do garbled display.

If you still want to try, kgsdk code can be found in my site: http://notaz.gp2x.de/pico.php#Gizmondo

It compiles with evc++, but still needs some files from official Gizmondo SDK.

The PicoDrive code itself is meant to be compiled with CeGCC. You can take the source from GP2X/PSP, it's all the same.

Directdraw is used for the framework and because of the strange resolution PPC"'s getting a log error of: framework2d init failed

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