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Adding Sound Support to Picodrive 0.30

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First sorry for my bad English!

My Problem is that the Picodrive 0.52 Version from MAsterall dont start at my PDA Asus A696!

But the Original Version from Daves Picodrive starts fine on my PDA!

Only Problem is the No Sound Support!

So I decided as a NOOB to Add Z80 Sound Support to the Picodrive 0.30 Sources!


I have Installed VC++ 6.0 and Embedded Visual C++ 3 for PDAs!


I Compiled it with this Howto! And i Created a Picodrive.exe for my PDA! Works Fine and Fast!

But i dont know how to ADD Sound Support???

I found Sources of Picodrive for the PSP with Sound!

PicoDrive PSP v1.35


Its for the PSP but based on Daves Picodrive 0.30 Sources!

Can somebody help me???

I dont think its Hard to add Sound Support but im Realy a C++ Noob and its hard for me!

PS: I added Cyclone 0.0086 to the Original Picodrive 0.30 :-)


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