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Multilanguage smart dialing

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For all of you that have smart dialing on there device you can now add support to more then English

as you know the smart dialing is looking for a name in English or sequence of digits (phone number)

a friend of mine developed an app to enable the support of Hebrew for the smart dial without using a 3part app on your device or look for a unique dialer

due to the fact that the smart dial also looks for sequence of digits he developed a program for the home pc that converts fonts to numbers (lets call it "codes"),this codes will be saved in the contacts radio field and in the home-2 field (so if you search by first name or by family name will find the contact you look for)

on the IPAQ 600 you can have a sticker that will carry the fonts for every digit ,for phones that don’t have hardware keyboard you can crate a dialer skin that will carry both eng and your language fonts or just memorize the location of your division for fonts per digit

the application was done using XML file so other non English users can use it and edit the XML to there fonts

please read the attached instruction before you start using it

to gave you a sense of the app and what it dose I will give an example

if you have a name that looks like this

first name :" ΩΨΨ"

family name "ΡΠβН"

let say that digit 1 on the dialer =(ΩΡΠ) and digit 2 on your dialer = (βΨН)

the code that will be crated for this names are *122 in radio field of this contact and *1122 in home 2 field of this contact

to separate between codes and real phone numbers he add " * " at the beginning of any code, but you don't need to add * before any search because the smart dialing is smart enough to look directly for the code

to cut things short

backup your contacts ,download the app, read instruction for installation and then edit the XML file to your fonts

(you will see in the XML file that 3 = א ב ג and it also stands for D E F now replace the אבג with you fonts for every digit )

then convert all the names to codes using this app and sync your device

p.s. – when you locate the name it will show the name and "code " name ,tap on the name then tap on the real phone number (that you will not call the code)

the conversion can be done more then one time if you add more contacts

to use this on any phone (strong or weak ) you must have smart dial and your home language fonts at windows/fonts dir on your device

hope it helps

enjoy smart dial for eng and your language for free


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