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Juice Pack - iPhone 1st Gen

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Looking for better battery life with your 1st gen iPhone? Then look no further!

A company named Mophie has made, which was the first to receive the "Works with iPhone" logo from Apple, an holster and battery solution. The company claims it can do impressive battery stats. Here's their blurb...

The All-New mophie ‘Juice Pack’ is designed to extend the time you can Rock, Talk, Surf and Send with your iPhone 1st Gen

This is the first Apple certified ”Works With iPhone” attached battery in the world!

The Juice Pack is a rechargeable lithium polymer battery in the form of a non-slip, soft grip case. It extends the time that you can use your iPhone 1st Gen in these ways (additional hours):

Standby Time – Up to 250 hours
Audio Playback – Up to 24 hours
Talk Time – Up to 8 hours
Video Playback – Up to 7 hours
Internet Use – Up to 6 hours

Very impressive stats! The company also mentioned they are going to make one for iPhone 3G.

You can pre-order yours from their website.

Is this something you've been waiting for? Are you planning to get one?

[Via: Mophie's Press Release Blog]

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So, instead of having a replaceable battery which you could replace with a larger capacity one you have to by a 'sleeve'?

Didn't the original iPaqs have sleeves to extend capability?

How to make a small sleek device big and bulky.....

I'm sure it's very good and lots of people will buy it.

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