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TLR Diamond ROM 3 - based on 1.93.456.2 with uninstallable / updatable TF3D (Manila)

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Mr The Loan Ranger....not sure if you'll see this, but any chance you'll be releasing a 2.03 version of your ROM, which I really like!


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I have installed the ROM, after some messing around with different SPL versions (ended up using HardSPL v1.40) but have noticed a couple of things:

1) I am also getting the multiple entries on the programs list

2) I also cannot edit the start menu

3) If I set the input as full QWERTY keyboard, it is accepted but just resets back to compact QWERTY every time.

I still like it though

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I know this whole post is a bit outdated, but none of the links on the first post are functioning. Does anyone have any suggestions for new ROMS for this device? Do any ROMS work or is it device type specific (I.E. Devices with SIM cards versus devices without SIM cards)?

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Update: Looking for an alternative TouchFLO 3D / Manila style? View this post!


TLR Diamond ROM, based on the the 1.93.456.2 ME release (thanks Tom!) with the .05 radio.

What's In

[*].net Compact Framework 3.5

[*]'Addi ... ... .,..

... ... ... ]

TouchFLO 3D has been repacked for this release to allow uninstall and future upgrade without a whole new ROM core. There are two implications of this.

1. When you do the first boot and it installs stuff, the TouchFlo install will appear to freeze, and will take a number of minutes to complete. Don't worry, it IS working, there are just circa 950 files to install! Be patient, and all will be well. Go get a beer. Talk to the wife. The watched pot never boils. etc. :lol:

2. If you want to uninstall TouchFLO 3D (from the regular remove programs) menu, you MUST disable it from Start -> Settings -> Today, and then you MUST be aware that uninstall will take a LONG time. Actually, not a LONG time but a REALLY REALLY REALLY LONG time. You will probably think it has crashed or isn't going to work, but have faith - it will. B)


Paul for AppToDate, everyone who installed the last ROMs, XDA-Devs for HardSPL & CustomRUU (Olipro, cmonex!). You all rock! B)

And Finally

If you find any issues, post them here and i'll do my best to fix!

Live install / update counter (unique users):


hello - sorry to go back in time. I need to revive my old touch diamond as second phone for use here and in europe.

It has the original WWE build. (vodafone) Which of your roms should i use ?

(newbie - I'll flash my hero with modaco rom in due course. when I have tried it on the diamond.)



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