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Connecting to internet

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Hey, I have a reccurring problem with my HP laptop where my wireless just stops working... It happened once a year ago I sent it in using the warranty, the warranty is now over and it happened again -just some background info as to why I want to do this

Well I have managed to connect my HTC Touch phone to my wireless network at home

I have managed to connect my laptop to my phones connection to the Rogers provided internet via a USB connection

what I would like to do is connect my laptop to my home wireless network using the phone because the rogers bill can really add up if I use theirs... As I said before my wireless card (actually the motherboard) on my laptop is faulty (HP) and I am unable to directly connect my laptop to wireless so that is why I would like to know if this is possible.

in 'Programs' < 'Internet Sharing' the only network connections I am able to use are RogersMedia and Rogers Internet and honestly... It would be cheaper to go out and buy a new laptop than to use their internet. Anyone have a clue on how to get my home's wireless internet to show up in that list?


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