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Hi everyone,

I want to know if it is possible to install WM 6.1 on my Moto Q (1st generation).

It seems it should b compatible, but Ive tried and the update prgram claims i already have the latest version installed... LIES!!!

any tips are much appreciated.

thank you

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It may claim you have the latest version installed because you probably do for that device.

Never try flashing your device with a ROM from a different device as it may either not work or can possibly kill it turning your phone into a nice paperweight.

Only ever flash your ROM with one that is designed for your device.

@ Tranzystor (Patrick) having GPS and the other things you have listed above etc does not make it impossible to have WM6 or 6.1. The only reaon you could not have 6.1 on any device is if no one had actually made it for it.

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