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Anybody having trouble getting the large mp4 or CIF videos to work

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Any time I go into Menu -> Settings and try to set the video size to L(arge) or CIF, the wait cursor pops up and never stops spinning, and the video size never gets bigger. I have to use task manager to quit the camera program just to use it again.

I've tried using the largest video setting for all 3 formats, H.263, mp4, and motion jpeg. All do the same thing and none will work in large of CIF mode.

Any thoughts?



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Okay, would anybody with a shadow (that IS able to take (L)arge or CIF size videos) be willing to export or list their registry settings for HKLM\Software\HTC\Camera\Recparam for me, so that I might look for differences?

I still can't get this to work. As soon as I choose L of CIF as the video size, I get the wait cursor that never goes away until i kill the camera with task manager...

Please help!


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