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Windows Mobile RDP with Vista

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I'm having problems accessing my Vista desktop via the Windows 6 Mobile RDP Client.

I set up a data connection.

Load the client.

Type in the credentials...

Yet it seems to return "Invalid user name or password"

and yet I know both of them are correct.

I've tried logging in locally to the pc with the same ones and they are fine. The username is definitely under the "Remote Desktop Users" profile.

I cant figure out what im doing wrong.

Can anyone help?

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Not a lot of help but when I RDP onto a server from a Vista machine it comes up with all sorts of username/password errors but I get there eventually. I think it tries to use your windows login from Vista and gets the domain wrong so I have to re-enter the correct credentials once a conection has been made. I wonder if it's something similar from WM to vista?

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Think it also depends on what version of vista your using, as I understood it Ultimate and Business editions were the only ones that allowed a RDP to the machine and any version of vista can RDP to another machine (if that makes sense)

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If it's Vista Premium there is a little hack out on the web to enable remote desktop connections to the PC.

I can't seem to find it but if you Google it, your looking for site that has a zip file on it which includes the dll file for terminal services, there are 2 versions about 1 is for Pre-service pack the other is patched for those that have installed Vista SP1.

I'll try and find the site I used.

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