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remove scratch from q9h?

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Hello. I recently purchased a Q9h (my first smartphone). I have tried to be careful with it, but of course, a few small scratches showed up on the faceplate this morning, where the screen is. They are shallow surface scratches, but they're enough to warp the display a bit (colored pixels show up along the outline of the scratch).

I have seen many products and strategies for getting scratches like this out. Can anyone recommend one that they know works for the Q9h's screen? I just don't want to make them worse. And yes, I have a scratch guard on the way. It just hasn't gotten here in time.


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Im in the same boat as you. My screen is scratched up, not terribly, but i have the same color shift in the pixels where it is scratched. Its very annoying to look at. Hopefully someone has an answer.

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