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Are these modifications possible?

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Hi. I am a new Shadow user and do not know a ton about phone modding, although I dabbled a little bit in this area with my Razr V3. Basically I want to know if any of the following features could be modded through registry edits or by other means.

1. My biggest annoyance: I would like to have the phone end calls when it is closed EXCEPT for when the speakerphone is enabled.

2. Having the end call button automatically stop/end a program. I am surprised when I check the task manager how many apps are still running even though I havent used them in a while.

2a. Have it so when the phone is closed, it does what is described in 2, but also returns to the home screen.

3. Adjust the ear speaker and ringer speaker volume seperately.

4. Have the phone display a popup message when a text message or missed call is recieved. Sometimes I forget to notice the little icon in the upper left. It would be nice if it were like the phone locked screen, but instead said "1 Missed Call" or "New Message"

If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. If these things really cant be done, please let me know so I dont sit here refreshing the page waiting for a solution! Thanks alot!

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