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Make jog wheel scroll right/left instead of up/down?

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Tried searching, not finding anything, which leaves me less than hopeful...

Does anybody know if it's possible to re-map the jog wheel to scroll left and right, rather than up and down? I never use the darn thing anyways, but it would be nice if it could scroll through the facade calendar appointments on the homescreen. Plus, sometimes I'll accidentally turn the wheel just a tiny bit as I'm about to hit the middle button, so focus moves off whatever I'm about to click on right as I click it. Can get annoying. Or I'll type the first three letters of a contact name, and just as I am about to hit the talk button I'll rotate the wheel a *tiny* bit when my finger leaves it, and I end up calling the next name in the list.

So, anybody know if there's a registry setting that maps this?


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Is it possible that this is just a hardware thing? Like, turning the wheel hits the same contacts as pressing up and down on it?

Would love you hear some opinions on this. Not trying to be impatient or anything, just haven't been getting many replies to my recent posts...

I'll search over at xda as well, and if I find anything I'll update this. But it doesn't look like there's much info to be found... :D

Please reply with ANY ideas or suggestions, even if they just point me to another place to look for this info...

Thanks again,

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