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Samsung E200 Eco - Made out of Corn!

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What? An environmentally friendy mobile phone?

The Samsung E200 Eco's whole case is environmentally friendy as it is made from corn-derived. In other words, it's bioplastic.


Do you have eco guilt? That is, are you anxious that the planet is slowly dying like in every JRPG ever because of human activity? If that’s the case then Samsung has a phone for you. The E200 Eco is the company’s latest “eco-friendly” cellphone. What makes it so friendly to the environment is that its outer case is made out of bioplastic, a material that’s derived from corn.

Here's a quick rundown on the spec:

* 1.3-megapixel Camera
* Video messaging capabilities
* MP3 player
* Slider mechanism
* Bluetooth streaming

A very basic phone, but is a MUST HAVE for ecogeeks! :D I wonder if the case is edible... ?

[Via: Crunch Gear]

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