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Orange not to release Access Linux phone

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Seems that Orange has decided not to release a new Access Linux mobile phone.

And there has been a talk that the powerful Google Android might have killed it off before it's even to be launched!

Orange is killing its plan to release a phone this year based on Access Linux and wonders if this is a sign that Mobile Linux is in trouble. I think outside of Asia that Linux-based phones are indeed going to be rare as phones running Google's Android are nearing release. One of the problems that seems to escape us is that there are often so many flavors of open sourced platforms and this prevents a de facto standard, which should be the biggest benefit of open source solutions. It doesn't matter if a platform is open source if it's totally different (and incompatible) with other like open sourced platforms.

Is the mobile's operating system hotting up? Who is going to win the war to get the OS installed on handsets?

[Via: jkOnTheRun]

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