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Rishi Shah

HTC Touch Pro - Home Screen Problem

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I got my Touch Pro today from Play.com.

I have the following issue:

The Home Screen no matter what i try will not change.

If i go into Settings and then into Tiday and try and select a background or add options like Mail, Calender, ect to the HomeScreen it simply wont come up.

The only thing that does change is the Theme.

ANybody find this issue and any way to solve it?

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The Touch-Flo 3d is in effect a replacement for the home screen... if you were to turn off the Touch Flo (in setup today), you would return to the normal WM6 home screen, which is affected by the settings you describe...

Ive turned touchflow3d off, because it doesnt seem to show multiple emails / txt's properly... the Touch Pro is 'man' enough to handle the home screen very well, unlike other WM phones ive had :D


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This phone is less usable than my 2yr old Orange SPV M3100. It is very annoying to use. The touch screen is highly insensitive. The keys are minute and they do not function correctly in the browser, which sometimes chops and changes between Opera and IE pointlessly. Can't uninstall either cleanly. The Touch Flo 3D is a ridiculously pointless gimmick, deserving only to be switched off. The screen scratches easy and the highly resolution leaves us to get comfortable with delays. The camera is simply pointless. I just want to take a photo and even if you could get a shot it would be blurred and 5 secs too late. How this thing gets good reviews is beyond me.

The problem is like many things, they try to over engineer things and forget what works well. They revolutionise what only needs minor evolutionary improvements.

To sum up, I'm going give this Touch Pro away and just order another outdated SPV M3100, at least it works a treat and has a whiz wheel on the side. HTC probably think they've landed a winner with this thing...no way! I've been using PDAs for a long time and this is far less usable than you could ever expect. I paid 530 for this last week with Tom Tom and 16gb of ram. Wish I hadn't done that...

For all those having a good experience, sorry to pee on the fire, going backwards with the basics in technology is so frustrating.

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