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Recommend a mobile for my dad

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My dad is soon to be going to the USA doing a railway tour.

He needs a mobile that will work in America (quad band), as the mobile he currently has is one of my old phones (Siemens C55)

He's been looking online and liked the look of the Moto V3.

I personally don't like it.

The sony Ericsson are no good as he doesn't play much music (very rare 1cd a year perhaps).

this is what he wants:

Price - under £80 (budget price as he's retired)

Ease of use.

Ability to use a sim of a USA network (not network locked)

Quad band.

He basically wants to just talk and text. no data is needed.

no contract either.

Can we have some suggestions for likely mobiles please :D

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I guess you'd want to add

- decent battery life

- half decent camera

to the requirements?

If I were doing a railway tour i'd probably want to charge it as little as possible but have it handy if I want to snap a quick pic and my camera is not to hand...


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I reckon a Samsung G600 should be within budget on eBay, my mother-in-law has one and it's pretty decent for a feature phone. Decent camera, untuitive UI, light, compact etc. etc.


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