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Hi All, I hope this is not a dumb question but is there a way I can send an e-mail using pocket outlook from my private e-mail address and for it to appear like it's being replied to from my work e-mail address? I'm heading off to Ireland on Sunday for a week long business trip and I've set outlook on my work PC to forward e-mail to my private e-mail address but I don't want my business contacts e-mailing me back using my private e-mail address! Cheers, Dean

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Is the work email on an Exchange account that's accessible via VPN, or does it have any webmail access? That would probably be easiest I reckon.


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Yes you can, if it's a generic POP3 (or possibly IMAP) system.

If it's Exchange then you can't do it directly.

The best way may be to create a duplicate email account on your PC/PDA, and specify your work email address. The email address is often the same as your mailbox username, but it doesn't have to be.

You'll also need an SMTP service (your POP3 provider may give you one) which allows you to "authenticate" (ie specify the username and password to logon with). That bypasses the common restriction which won't let you send emails from an address which does not match your mailbox address.

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