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I'm LOSt C550 MMSC setting won't go past 100K??? I NEEEED It Larger! HELP PLEASE

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anyway to change the setting of 100K in the registry? or soemthing i can't even send a ringtone to my friends or family! there must be away to increase this setting? these are the steps i've taken and the max is 100K



MMS Settings


MMSC Settings



max sending size 30k or 100k

Any help would be greatly appreciated... Ive searched google high and low and yet to find an answer!!

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just spoek with Tmobile tier 3 support and they inform me they akllow for 300k sending limit.. they have notes on the c500 and that one gives options for 30k, 100k, and 300k. they think it is a issue with the spv c550..

So any ideas anyone? on how i can get the 300k?

any reg tweaks i can do? or where i could check in the registry to try and change it to 300?

Any info. would be appreciated! anything at all. a link even?!

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