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Smartphone market: RIM jumps past Windows Mobile in 2Q08

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Smartphone market: RIM jumps past Windows Mobile in 2Q08

Symbian and RIM has been making a big push for their mobile phones' operating system into the market, pushing down Windows Mobiles! However the real winner is RIM which has been catching up pretty fast according to the latest stats.

A few years ago, the word BlackBerry was synonymous with with "work", but I'm seeing more and more consumers carry the RIM devices around. More support for entertaining functions like audio and video content are surely helping that trend, which continued yesterday with the announcement of a partnership with TiVo.

Based on that, I probably shouldn't be surprised at the latest smartphone market share numbers from Gartner. Nearly every platform sold more devices, but the big winner in my mind was RIM.

The graphs are pretty interesting... in 2nd quarter of 2007's market share, Symbian had 65.6%, while Windows Mobile had 11.5% and Linux at 10.1% and finally RIM at 8.9%

Now with 2nd quarter of 2008's market share, Symbian has dropped down to 57.1%. Still high, but RIM has gained to 17.4% while Windows Mobile has gained an extra 1% to 12% and Linux at 7.3%, a drop from 10.1%.

What are your thoughts about the Mobile Phone's operating system wars?

[Via: jkOnTheRun]

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