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hytn2 safemode

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is there any way to boot a tytn2 into safe mode or selective startup?!?! so as to disable the homescreen from running...

because I installed the touchflow2d and was playing about with the weather when it crashed and the screen froze. iv restarted the phone but as soon as the homescreen starts to load it freezes again (every time), i can just about get one click off when it freezes, and plugging into the computer to do an activesync doesent work, this is most annoying as i have added several important contacts since my last sync and have a few mb of data on the phone...

perhaps there is a command line option for taking an image of the filesystem ;)

i realise the phone isnt totally nackered cos i could do a rom reflash or hardreset which should fix it, but would loose all my data, but i also have 2500sms in my in and another 2500 in my outbox that i really should have backed up by now :wacko: bah!!!!

help please

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