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Murray Bozinski

HTC S730 (Wings) with Vodafone/SFR configuration

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Hi Guys,

I having trouble with the setup of SFR Illimytics with my HTC s730.

In fact, I succeed to setup my GPRS connexion (Wap SFR) but when I open the Vodafone Live main page (live.vodafone.fr) to watch TV, I got a text page, without any access to TV or music.

So I looked up in XDA forum and Modaco to find a solution.

I found many things about the TytnII or other PocketPC's devices, but nothing for my smartphone.

Anyway, I decided to try diffrents solution designed for PocketPC platform but they didn't work properly (SFRinternetV2.cab, TV-musiqueSFR.cab, VodafoneLive-PROD-v1.4.ARM.cab, HTC_P3600-S300__Config_WAP_Tv_3G-3G___SFR.cab, etc...)

The result is I have now access to Vodafone Live! with text and images, but my IE is having a strange behaviour : I lost the 2 menus at the bottom of the screen ("Favorites" and "Menu"). So I cannot use it anymore

My idea is there is an issue with the file "browser.dll" in these CABs which was designed for PocketPC platform, not Smartphone.

Does anyone succeed to setup his s730/Wings with SFR Illimytics (or any other WM smartphone) ?


Murray Bozinski

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Ok Guys,

After several tests, hard reset, tests, etc... I finally find a solution !

Only one solution is working for smartphone : TV_SFR_Beta1.cab

(Google will help you to find it)

I now have a full access to Vodafone Live Portail, with TV working properly.

I still cannot access to free music and "Live Messenger by SFR" but I don't care these features

So, dear Smartphone's users, if you want to access to the TV with French SFR/Vodafone, use this Cab !

Murray Bozinski

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