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Sprite Backup 6.5 released

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thumb_24-Sep-2008_About Screen.jpg
Sprite Software have just today released a new version of the excellent Sprite Backup for Windows Mobile.

New feature list:
  • Brand New User Interface - Brings you closer to key functions and improves workflows.
  • Improved Sprite Explorer - Browse your Backup file and extract data – export Contacts as vCards to restore to any device or save them in Outlook or to another mobile phone operating system.
  • Powerful Backup PC Manager – Control your backup operations/options from your PC.
  • Redeveloped Upgrade Mode - We now guarantee to move your Contacts, Tasks and Appointments, SMS and Email, My Documents and Internet Favourites across to a new Windows Mobile device.
  • New 1-step Backup - Trigger a manual backup instantly with this feature!
  • Performance Improvements - General speed, stability and performance fixes and revisions.

I got hold of a pre-release copy on Monday, which tied in nicely with upgrading the ROM on my Omnia, and was most impressed with the results. I shall shortly be posting a few more screenshots and a brief review. Check the comments section for the review.

I'm interested to hear your thoughts - do you use Sprite Backup, are you keen to use the new version? What makes SB your number one choice for backup?


Sprite Software have kindly issued a coupon for all MoDaCo readers. Simply enter “MoDaCo” and you’ll save $5 off Backup or Backup Lite. However Sprite Backup is also available for FREE to MoDaCo PLUS members!

Sprite Backup 6.5

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Ok, well as I eluded to in the News Posting, I managed to wangle a copy of Sprite Backup 6.5 on Monday. (Thanks Paul!).

I had decided to flash the ROM on my device, and it seemed an excellent opportunity to test out the capabilities of Sprite Backup 6.5. Bearing in mind that I was moving from the same device, but to a new ROM version.

Installation procedure, was very much the same as any other software. Install the application on your PC, sync it with your device, the app installs on your device. Job done!

I then fired up Sprite backup and entered my registration number, and was then presented with:


Quickly flicking through the options gave the following clear and concise menu items:


Going back to the first option "Backup" I clicked next and was asked what I wanted to backup:


I then was asked what to call the backup, and where to store it:


Sprite backup then informed me that it needed to restart the device to continue. It then restarted and the following window appeared:


It then continued until it reached 100%, and rebooted. Upon restarting, it presented me with a message saying that the backup had completed and to view the log file.


Overall I was really impressed with the simplicity of the application, and that you were able to perform Backups without needing to connect to the PC. This is great for me, as I rarely use ActiveSync, but can be safe in the knowledge that I can Backup the device to local storage prior to any changes.

As mentioned above I was flashing the applications ROM. Luckily this went without a hitch ... phew! Once the ROM flashing was complete, I reconnected the device to ActiveSync, reinstalled only SpriteBackup. I went to the application, entered the product code and then selected the options section.


I chose "Restore" and then "Upgrade". This presented me with two options:

  • Personal Data Only
  • Merge Level
    • Level 1 - Use this option to perform restore operations between same devices with different ROM revisions.
    • Level 2 - Use this option when you wish to restore across devices and ROM versions.
    • Level 3 - Use this option if the device does not boot after performing a Level 1 or Level 2 restore.

I selected the Level 1 option. The restore commenced and then the device reset. When the device had finished restarting everything was back how it was prior to updating the ROM.

I was thoroughly impressed with how simple it was.

I know this review has only scrathed the surface of this very flexible application. There are far more features to this application, such as encryption, backing up via activesync or network, scheduling backups and also using Sprite Explorer to go through the backup at a file level should you need to restore just one or two files.

Anyway ... onto your comments!

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- Did it also restore all your old programs including softwares like iGuidance GPS etc.

- Did you find anything not working as expected? I mean how can it restore across ROMs, OSes when some softwares do have system settings like registry entries, DLLs etc?

- I know some software working under WM 6.0 are not compatible with 6.1. How did it handle those?


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