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What Technology is this?

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(If you have any knowledge about the technology described below, I would appreciate a comment even if you cannot answer the specific questions.)

We have been working with a technology company that supplied a messaging service (at a programming level) that delivers small text files (xml) to and from and between win mobile 6 cell phones and a Linux server. The technology was good but the company dissolved for some reason.

I have two questions:

1) What is this technology called?

2) What companies provide this technology?

To more fully explain the technology:

On the cell phone we developed an application that utilizes a "messaging object" named "MessObj". MessObj would have a method called SendMessage. So I can program MessObj.SendMessage(strMess) where strMess is small xml data package. And MessObj has an event called NewInboundMsg that alerts the program when an inbound message arrives and provides some property that would be the inbound message.

On the Linux server an application runs in the background that receives inbound (from the cell phone(s)) messages and writes the message to a file /inbound/inbound.msg0000001. The app running in the background also checks to see if there are any new files in /outbound/outbound.msg00000?? and, if there are, sends them to the appropriate cell phone.

Thanks, techTB

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