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Installing Java games on SPV E650

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I wonder if anyone could help me with simple instructions of how to install Java Games on my SPV E650.

I got some working but it seems to take so long to install from memory card compared to my friends simpler

mobile.Do i install the jar and the jad files, and where?

Is there a faster Java program available for the E650?


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OK - as no one else has replied....

Java is not one of Windows Mobile's strong points and very few people bother with it. I tried it a long time ago and really didn't find anything worth having but:

If I remember correctly the jad is the actual program and the jar is the information (including the path) of the program, You could have a jsr that points to a jad on the web, in which case you would only need the jar on the phone but would incur data charges when you run it but it's best to have both. The jar is a text file so you can edit the path.

Basically you can install them where you like so long as the path in the jar is pointing to the jad.

Good luck!

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