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Not sure if this is a fault with the phone or a bug.

If I fire up something like Google maps and then use the GPS to locate my position, everything works OK.

Once go off and do something else, if I then come back and try and use the GPS again, it just does not work. A power off and back on again cures the problem and it then works fine again until next time where I have to power cycle the phone before I can use it.

In addition, Windows Live Search just refuses to acknowledge that my device has GPS. It just sits there saying "waiting for GPS".

So any cluse?

Could this be a fault with Google Maps, Windows Mobile or the phone itself and am I the only person seeing this. Certainly giving the phone a power cycle is not a real solution so before this thing gets sent back as faulty (because at £500 anything less than perfect is not acceptable) any ideas?

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It looks like I have cured my own problem by reinstalling a newer version of Google maps. After doing this, things seem to be working fine (and whenever I want them to) without having to resort to a power cycle.

Now if only I could get to the bottom of the buzz in the earpiece things would be fine. ;)

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