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A couple issues

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Hi all

I absolutely love my i900, currently running on DXHI2 firmware, it runs like a charm.

However, I have a few things I'd like to see fixed/added

1. The phone was on DXHG3 when I first got it, and back then,

when I went to Start > Settings > Connections > Connections

I could configure the My Internet settings. This also worked on DXHG4

(which was an official Samsung release (ie. samsung website download).

On DXHI1 and DXHI2 I can't change those settings, when I go to Connections,

it just says "This connection is pre-configured. It cannot be modified."

I know I can cheat and use My Work Network instead, but I want to be able to use My Internet.

2. I would very much like to get a Korean SIP for the phone,

my wife is Korean and I'm trying to learn it aswell.

3. The PDF viewer bundled with the i900 is rubbish,

is there a better one out there?

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