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If you need Chinese support on Q9h

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Hello all, I'm new to this forum. I think I can contribute to this forum by helping out those who needs chinese support (read/write) on their

beloved Q9h

This is intended for WM6.1. After deciding to get a Q9h, I wanted to get in touch with some friends in taiwan and places, so I decided to look

for chinese support on Q9h, after hours of searching. I came across this...

A user had successfully extracted the IME from the chinese Q9h ROM, it turned out the IME was designed by Guobi


download and install Chinese support first, you need this inorder for Guobi IME to work(This is extracted from CEStar)

Then download Guobi IME and install

Reboot ur phone and it should work without a prob. =D

This method was intended for the Q9h, however goodnews to BlackjackII users, someone tested on BlackjackII and it worked!

so you guys might want to give it a try(someone plz repost if interested on blackjackII forums?)

Warning: I'm not responsible for any damage that is done to your phone because of installing these softwares. (It shouldn't...)


Can't wait for my Q9h to arrive =D

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