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MMS & Rogers Canada

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I live in Toronto and use Roger's. I have an SGH-i607 that I just upraded to the new build ejoya has been working on. It's a great build, but I can't seem to get MMS working using the following settings:


Profile Name: RogersInternet

Connects to: The Internet

Access Point: internet.com

Everything else Default/Blank/None

Profile Name: RogersMedia

Connects to: Work

Access Point: media.com

User name: media

Password: mda01

Authentication Type: PAP

Everything else Default/Blank


Profile Name: HTTP

Connects from: The Internet

Connects to: WAP Network


Type: HTTP

Everything else Default/Blank

Profile Name: Socks4

Connects from: The Internet

Connects to: WAP Network


Type: Socks4

Everything else Default/Blank

Multimedia Msg. Options

Sending Options

Priority: Normal

Validity Period: Maximum

Delivery Time: Immediatly

Creation Mode: Free

Size: 295 KB

Request Delivery/Read Report: Unchecked

Receiving Options

Download Mode: Automatic

Reject Unknown Sender: Unchecked

The rest are all checked

Multimedia Msg. Profiles

Profile Name: RogersMedia

MMSC URL: http://mms.gprs.rogers.com

Proxy: Checked


Port: 80

GPRS: RogersMedia

These came from the SGH-i616 which is used in Canada, but the settings worked when I was using WM6.0. The screens have changed slightly on the WM6.1 and I don't know how to get it working again. Does anyone know? Or can anyone make a CAB install for these settings?

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