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Delete contacts on 710

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Can someone help I need to delete all my contacts on the 710 vox and then resync but I am afraid I loose my contacts on the PC

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You will only lose your contacts on the pc is you have the sync set up to copy/replace from the phone to the pc.

How to Delete your entire contact list without doing a hard reset.

The best way to do this is to use Activesync, remember to follow the exect proceedure or you will risk losing your contact details on your pc as well.

Start Outlook then on your Contact screen click Edit\Select All then Edit\Delete

This will remove all your Contacts from your PC (don't worry we have not finished yet). DO NOT quit Outlook at this point or you will lose your Contacts forever!

Now sync the phone making sure the rules in ActiveSync are set to "replace the item on my device" when you sync your contacts will now be wiped from your phone.

Now your Contacts are removed from your phone, unplug the phone and with Outlook click on Edit\Undo Delete. This will return your Contacts back to normal on your pc.

Just remember not to quit Outlook until you have selected Undo Delete or you will also lose your contacts on the PC for good as well.

Now resync your mobile with the pc.

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The first thing i'd do, is go into Outlook, switch it to "folder list", then create a new 'contact' folder called Backup, maybe underneath the main contact folder. Then copy all your contacts from the main contact folder into the backup folder. This gives you a copy/backup of your contacts, and as activesync only syncs what's in the main contact folder, they won't end up on the phone. I always do this on our users machines as you never know what they'll do occasionally, and have often rang me and said 'it's deleted my contacts, how do I get them back?".

Then i'd just delete the sync partnership on the phone. This should only really get rid of any contacts from Outlook if you added them to the phone and they were syncd to Outlook. Any contacts that started in Outlook should remain there.

Of course you could just delete the partnership, delete any contacts from both the phone and Outlook. Then re-pair the phone with Outlook, and copy the contacts from the backup folder into the main contacts folder. They'll all be sync'd to the phone.

Just remember to update the backup folder every now and again.

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