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CESM Otacon

Blackjack alarm issues

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Okay so today was finally the last straw. Usually my blackjack is pretty good about waking me up in the morning. Today I was sleeping lightly luckily, because I got up to the alarm tone, and while I was walking towards my phone to deactivate it, it turned the alarm off by itself. I've had this happen before too. Some days I don't even wake up. One other time I woke up to the same scenario. It shuts itself off. How can I fix this problem? I know somewhere there is a registry editor for the blackjack. I was thinking if I activated the feature allowing continuous mp3 playback regardless of time, I could set that as an alarm and maybe it would work. Any other ideas?

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Have you run any registry tweaks or tweakers? The alarm SOUND will naturally switch off after a few minutes if you don't press the snooze button. Have you waited to see if the alarm comes back on a few minutes later or has the actual alarm been turned off?

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