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Can you turn off the tone that plays when your vox shuts down?

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I was just wondering if anyone knows how i can turn off the noisy 'brrrrinnng' mid file that plays when i switch my phone off. Its not called brriiing...thats just the annoying noise it makes!!!!

I would like to be able to delete/cancel/silence it cos I really dont feel the need to have it making a shutdown noise which by the way is also loud!

Any ideas would be gladly appreciated. :-)


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I have worked out how to stop the annoying wav that plays when my Vox shuts down.

This is what I done:

Opened my Registry Editor


Clicked on Software

Clicked on HTC

Made a New Key (by clicking Right Soft Key which says Menu)

Opened New Key which then allowed me to make a New Value/String

In the new string I typed Shutdown as the Value Name and typed sdsilence.wav in theValue data box.

And voila.......now when i turn my phone off its silent and does not play the annoying tone anymore!

EDIT: Just turned my phone on and off and it just done the tone that i thought i had gotten rid off so this obviously wasnt the answer after all! BIG SIGH.

Sooooo, any ideas anyone? I am back to square one again! :lol:

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