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.srt subtitle plug-in for TCPMP by Alexander Sorokin v 0.52

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subtitle plug-in for TCPMP by Alexander Sorokin v 0.53


Windows Mobile device with free TCPMP installed.


The following subtitle plug-in allows using .srt, .ssa, .ass file formats (no more converting to .smi), with the TCPMP 0.71RC.

You can check the plug-in homepage for more information and questions to the author Alexander Sorokin, or view the readme.txt in the archive.

Tetsed and working on Samsung i600 with TCPMP 0.81RC

More Info:



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Btw Alexander released a new version of his plug-in (0.6), wich supports MicroDVD Subtitle (*.sub)!!!!!

Now TCPMP is very close to bsplayer and media player classic!!!

Great job by Sorokin!!

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Hi :excl:

I have little problem. I preffer to use .cab files for installing extensions. TCPMP is the best one I use and allready it's 0.81.

I don't know where should I unzip files of this plug-in. Please tell me. Thank you. :excl:

However I'm using program Urusoft/ Subtitle Workshop to convert to.smi ( load subtitle and "save as" and choose "Sami Captioning", enter )

and this is good way, and working fine. Only that's too bad, program cannot display under screen.

I'm... can I ask? I've got Samsung i600 Win Mobile 5.0 (8gb sdhc+Fujitsu-Siemens C550 / N560 SDHC Card Driver). All the time when I use TCPMP Media Player older or this new now, it making some bug with display the top iconbar of HomeScreen. Exactly the top is blank then, and iconbar is under it. Maybe some of you guys can help with this.

Sorry if it's somethink wrong with my english.

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