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Windows live hotmail..

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I have searched, honest, but dont seem to find the answer i need.

I can not log into hotmail on my device through the wifi. All other internet sites fine, but anything handling windows tries to connect through gprs. I have changed the settings so gprs will not connect (not sure what i did, but it stopped it working :D ) Just tried putting the phone in airplane mode, with wifi on, and it still comes up with settings error. It seems that wifi is not in the options list. How do i add this?? Seems a bit funny that the only thing i can not get to work on my winmo is windows sites :o

Other than that, i have tomtom7 installed, coreplayer (for .avi's), phm registry, spb time, and spb mobile shell. Oh, and i have one last little quirk with the windows software. I dislike the fact that the winmo player does not have an easy function to add to, or create, a playlist. But the Sony player on one of the panels does, which is great :lol: Shame it doesnt play .wma, or save the playlist so media player can use them too...or does it and i just cant find it ;)

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