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Upgrade discount and CS

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I was lucky, I got W'n'W when it first came out and got the 25% discount for the life of my contract.

Then when my original 18Months ended I got a phone call offering me a further £15/month off. I was surprised when I got the contract to find I'd signed up for another 18 Months as I was sure he had said 12 months on the phone, but as i was now paying less than £21/month for Flext35 and W'n'W Plus I thought I could live with that for 18 months.

That was just over a year ago.

Imagine my surprise, nay shock, nay HORROR when I got my bill through this month and found my £15 discount had gone.

Thinking about it, I had nothing in writing to say the discount was for the full 18 months, I thought he'd said 12 months for the contract, maybe I was wrong and he'd said the discount was only for 12 months but the contract was 18 months? That would be consistent with what had happened but was not what I understood I'd signed up for.

So I fired off an email to T-Mob saying that I understood the discount was for the length of the contract and could they please re-instate it.

I fully expected a reply which could have been summed up in two word, the second one being 'Off'

This is the reply I got:

Thanks for your email Confucious, telling me that you did not get the £15 additional discount on your account for this month. I'll surely look into this for you.

I've checked your account and I see that you had renewed your contract on 7 October 2007 and was offered the £15 additional discount along with the 25% go direct discount. But the additional discount was only for 12 months and got expired on 7 October.

Confucious, you're a valued customer. And since you weren't aware that the discount is only for 12 months, as a gesture of goodwill I've added the discount back to your account. This will be active on your account till the end of your contract which is 7 April 2009.

I've also adjusted the £15 discount which you did not receive for this month. So now the outstanding balance on your account is only £20.61. This adjustment will be shown on your next bill.

Thanks again for your email Confucious. I'm sure I've answered your query to your satisfaction.

I went from being really annoyed to being as pleased as I usually am when dealing with T-Mob very quickly :lol:

I love T-Mob :D

Edited by Confucious

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So then thats great, but your attempts to hide your name went in vein Neil!!!! :lol:



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