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T-Mobile Pay as you go

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Hi all, in the UK until Thursday and bought my new Xperia at the SE store in Kensington. Came with an O2 card that I couldn't get internet to work on. So, bought a T-mobile sim just now and it set itself up...and I can browse using Opera or MobileIE....BUT I cannot sync with my Exchange server or get data in Google Maps. I see the connection set itself up with a Proxy which I figure is frigging me up, but their help desk is clueless...any ideas? Will this work? Help please, really want it to work as much cheaper than roaming on my home sim (which funnily enough works fine on T-mobile) not to mention the GBP30 I put on the sim!!! Thanks,


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Well got it fixed...the SIM provisioned the phone with the wron gproxy address .132 instead of .135

had to lie and say i had the Vario Compact IV to get them to talk to me!

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