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Xperia - dmaging memory cards!

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Hi All

Plugged a 1Gb SD card (Sandisk) in the other day. All fine. They next day I went to access the card again and the phone was reorting it as not there. Hmm, checked it and was inserted OK. Took it out and plugged into the adaptor for the PC and the PC wouldn't recognise it either. I then noticed that the card seemed to be cracked slightly accross the front. It was and clearly something had happened. Bad card I figure and I ordered a replacement, albeit, 16GB disk from amazon. I installed a TomTom map on it on to it yesterday and all worked fine. However on my journey today I decided to use the TomTom again and TomTom reported no maps present. The same thing has happened again, in fact the card was a little tricky to get out as it seemed to be catcing on the silver surround. Now I know you may all be saying "you have clearly inserted the cards in incorrectly". Well I dont think so, they worked fine for a day or so! I am wondering wther or not there is a heat issue here, they seem to be very warm when I took them out.

Anyway, anyone have any ideas or similar experiences??



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Soft reset the phone and see if it sees the card again.

Also check the phone does not think you have two storage cards, as this is a known bug on devices that appear from time to time.

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